Mortgage Companies

Mortgage Companies 

As a resource, I’ve included a list of local Mortgage companies and people in our geographical area that may be able to help you financially prepare to purchase a home. This list is meant for your convenience only. Many of the individuals and companies found here have been used by my past clients. This should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any of the companies by The Mary Mastroeni Team. It is suggested that any Buyer do their own research and interview prospective services prior to contracting their services. 

This list is not comprehensive. My clients are not under any obligation to use a company found on this site. We encourage you to do your own research and decide upon the company with whom you feel most comfortable! 


Huntingdon Valley Bank – Crista Lowrie 

Direct: 215-498-1516  / Office: 215-997-2800 


Movement Mortgage- Bill Frantz 

Direct: 215-738-3210 / 


Vantage Point Financial Group– Nick Popowicz 

Direct: 610-213-6703 / Office: 267-705-2333 x110 



 Motto Mortgage Elite Services - Amber Simione 

Direct: 215-872-2570 / Office: 215-453-9700  

Motto Mortgage Elite Services – Bob Tait 

Direct: 215-439-2353 / Office: 215-489-2505 


Deciding how you can finance your home purchase is one of the most important preparations to make when starting to look for a home. By starting a conversation early with a banking professional, you can set yourself up for the best possible start. They can outline different scenarios to help you understand how much you need for a down payment, escrow deposit, closing costs, and other upfront payments needed to secure a home, in addition to what your monthly payment will be during the term of your mortgage. They can also help you get pre-approved for a mortgage, which makes you more appealing to sellers and can give your offer a better chance at being accepted. By doing your homework and knowing ahead of time how much you can afford, you will feel more comfortable making an offer when you fall in love with a home on the market.

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