Prepping Your Home for Sale

Dated: August 5 2023

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Follow these tips when prepping your home for sale!

With Buyers, first impressions count…

A small investment in time and money will give your home an edge over other listings in the area when the time comes to show it to a prospective buyer. Here are some general suggestions to help you get top market value.

  • Stage each living area to help potential buyers imagine living in that space.
  • Keep all rooms clean, including children rooms.
  • Remove clutter and extra furniture to help the space feel clean and larger.
  • Clear outdoor walkways and driveways to help boost your curb appeal.
  • Take care of general maintenance that you might not notice in your day to day life, but buyers sure will!

When prepping your home for sale, I suggest making a to-do list of everything you would like to do to improve your home. Then, separate the tasks into big projects and small projects. As an experienced Realtor who has helped many clients buy and sell their homes, I can advise you which big projects might be a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

The small projects are often little things that we have been meaning to see to but haven’t gotten around to completing yet, even though they only take a small amount of time and money. In addition to giving your home an all-over cleaning, taking care of as many of these small projects as you can can greatly improve a buyer’s first impression of your home.

Finally, make sure you keep the house clean and clear of clutter throughout the showings. You want buyers to be able to walk in, see the space, and imagine living in the home and making it their own. That can be hard to do if they’re noticing a smudge on the window or a burned out lightbulb in the closet. Take care of these small projects to make a big impact on their first impression!

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